Publishing a Facebook bot

Step 1: Choose Facebook as a publishing platform from the bot builder page. It will ask you for the Page Access token.

Step 2:

Goto Facebook Developer Dashboard and create an new app. It will navigate to ‘Add Product’ page.

Step 3: Click on the Messenger Setup button

Step 4: Select the page you wish to connect your bot to and generate its token (You may create a new page if required). Paste this token in the configuration window.

Step 5: Now, its time to setup webhooks. Click on the Setup Webhooks button (just below page token).

When you generate Facebook bot via Bot builder, Hybrid.Chat would give you Webhook callback URL and verify token.

You can paste here. Along with that, check the following permissions to enable the bot.

Press ‘Verify and Save’

Final Step: After setting the webhook, it will allow you to choose which page to hook it up with. Choose the page where you wish to set up your chatbot.