Canned Responses and Flow Redirection

Save Replies to most commonly asked questions using the Canned Responses feature.

The format for this type is canned_response-TRIGGER.

In-Text Field, the response needs to be entered

Has no ID but specifying a GOTO will redirect the conversation to that point when the Trigger command is entered in Slack/Mattermost

Once the Handover takes place and an Agent picks up the conversation in Slack or Mattermost, they can then invoke the command for canned response – “ / trigger” where the Trigger is the crid(canned response id) which is unique for every canned response.

The redirection works in a similar manner where after the Handover happens, the agent can then change the flow by typing in the command – “/ GOTO-ID” where ID can be 1, 2, 3, … or “/ GOTO-END” to end the conversation.


ID Type Text Goto
canned_responses-trigger Response

Once the conversation is resolved, the agent can then either hand the conversation back to the bot by using / GOTO-ID command or end the session by simply typing in / GOTO-END.

The latter is particularly useful in ending the conversation when Chat Persistence is turned on and you want the bot to send the chatlogs for up till that point.


  • Both Canned Responses and Flow Redirection are activated and available to the agent only after the bot or user initiates Human Agent Handover

  • Agents can see the conversation before and after the handover and handback with the ability to still participate in the conversation(Co-Bot Experience)

  • List out the canned responses toward the end of your Google Sheet  for your Bot

  • You can include Rich Media, Emojis, Input Variables and other widgets for Personalization.

  • Adding END to the GOTO for canned response displays the Response first and ends the session for the user.

  • There’s no limit to the number of canned responses that you can add to a sheet.

ID Type Text Goto
canned_responses-hello 😄Hello there! My name is Nathaniel. How can I help you today?| 😊Welcome, I’m Nathaniel. How can I assist you today? 1
canned_responses-coupon Hey {{vars.Name}}! Get a coupon for your next visit if you spend over 75 dollars in our Gift Shop
canned_responses-hold Would you mind holding on for a few minutes while I am checking this with our technical support?![alt text]( “Fetching Someone”)
canned_responses-bye2 Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. Thank you for chatting with us and have a great day. Goodbye! End
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