FAQ Dialogues

The format for this type is FAQ_Q-, FAQ_A- for question and answer respectively. For FAQ_Q type, in the text field you can specify the actual question which the user can ask anytime during the conversation. qid is the unique ID of the question. The corresponding answer can be given in the text field of FAQ_A type row.

Note that qid is different from the ID in the ID column and can be anything.

By having multiple FAQ_Q rows with the same qid, you can specify different variations of asking the same question. Similarly if multiple FAQ_A rows are specified with the same qid, bot will randomly select an answer and show it to the user.


ID Type Text Goto
FAQ_Q-1 What can you do ?
FAQ_Q-1 Who are you ?
FAQ_A-1 I am news-alert-bot. I can message you latest news alerts throughout the day. 2
FAQ_Q-2 I would like to talk to a human
FAQ_Q-2 Human please
FAQ_Q-2 Human 2
FAQ_Q-2 Talk to a Human 2
FAQ_A-2 Connecting to a human. Please stay online. Human
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