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Customers want answers and they want them now. Emails are old fashioned. Customers need conversations, someone who listens to them. Hybrid.Chat shares its experience in Conversational marketing on this blog.

Chat with Facebook users using Slack or Mattermost

Now, let your staff chat with your Facebook audience using Slack and Mattermost. As always, you can automate a lot of this using Chatbots you can build using simple spreadsheets. So, your Facebook Page chat can: Engage with users automatically (with spreadsheet...

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WordPress Plugin for Hybrid.Chat

Integrating Hybrid.Chat with your Wordpress website just got easier. All you need to do is, install this plugin and paste the embed code you get while generating your chat code. The wordpress plugin will take care of the rest. Happy Botting.

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Carousels in your Web Chatbot – New Widget launch

We just launched an exciting new Widget which allows you to load carousels into your chatbot. It can be just a image gallery carousel or you can have buttons attached to it as well, which go to a specific chat flow. Test out the carousel widget in sample Hotel Chatbot...

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Mattermost – Deeper integration for LiveChat + Chatbots

We love the guys at Mattermost and keep on working in refining our Website Chat + Chatbot system for better compatibility. We have now added smoother authentication with Mattermost and one can also configure the Mattermost team where all the Website Chats would land....

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Know who your chatbot is talking to

We just added a great feature that allows bot builders to know to whom they are talking to. You will see the chatlog emails something like this from now on (after updating your bot): These are published as Global variables that you can call like other variables you...

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