Chatbot Features


Select Input

Allows a user to select from a variety of display types or options.

files-and-folders upload

File Upload

Allows users to upload files of specified formats and store it to a variable.

Url input

URL Input

Ask users to submit sample URLs or Social profile URLs and leverage it for lead generation and lead nurturing.

date and time input

Date Input

Widget that loads a complete calendar component within the chat to book appointments or dates.

number input

Number Input

Ask users to rate something on the scale of your choice or conduct customer satisfaction surveys.

user input

User Input

These are used to take input of a specific type from the user.

text input

Text Input

Ask users to answer or express queries via text mode.


Phone Number Input

Collect customer phone numbers to capture and qualify leads using chatbots.


Email Input

Capture and qualify leads with Email input option that seamlessly allows customers to share their Email address.



Buttons to help you give the chat flow a new direction.



Touch-enabled Data widget that lets you create highly customizable, Stylish & Responsive carousel sliders.

A/B test

A/B Split Test

Test multiple replies and user responses to continuously enhance user experience.

email input

Images & GIFs

Easily add images & Gifs in the chatflow to make it more engaging and appealing.

Auto fill

Auto Complete

Train your chatbot to improve it’s knowledge repository to better answer user questions without letting them actually type full responses and reduce time.

Emoji chatbot


Use emojis in chatbots to enrich the conversational experience of your customers.

Multiple select


Allow users to make multiple selections with a single click and see all the options they have chosen.

Converse with Customers in Real-Time Wherever they are

website live chat

SMS bot




Wordpress Plugin

eCommerce Store

Directly From

chatbots using spreadsheets

Easy Programmability

Or, Build your Own

Programming chatbots has never been simpler. Power your chatbot through Google Spreadsheets

Eliminate Language Barrier

Scale with Multilingual Chatbots

Increase your reach with polyglot chatbots. Provide customer service in Users’ native language

Multilingual bot
Live chat

Seamless Human Takeovers

Converse with Customers in Real-Time

Provide personal assistance to promising leads and support customers with complex issues, in real time. Close more deals & sales with Live-Chat. Engage through your messenger of choice.

API integration & Webhooks

Integrate with your software stack

Use Hybrid.Chat as a standalone or as an addition to your sales & support funnels. Store leads and data in CRMs or connect with any third party apps.


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Power your chatbot with one of our ready-to-use templates. Customize each to fit your vision or industry. Begin engaging your website, app or online store visitors.

Need a Custom-Built Bot?

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Convey your style!

Fully Customizable

Customize your chat widget with quick & easy styling to seamlessly integrate with your brand theme and tone.


What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a set of predefined rules that allow you to automatically communicate with your customers, and achieve your business goals in an innovative and effective way. With chatbots, you can engage your website visitors, answer FAQs, generate leads, save abandoned carts, and much more in terms of sales, marketing, and customer service automation.

How do I build a Chatbot? Do I need to know coding for this?

You can build chatbots with absolutely no coding necessary. Once you’ve created your Hybrid.Chat account, you can access our pre-made chatbot templates and choose one that suits your requirement or industry. You can also customize them from the Dashboard. From here, you can modify your chatbot’s appearance, responses and behavior 

What does it cost to Build a Chatbot?

With Hybrid.Chat, you can start using chatbots for free. You can also upgrade to one of our paid plans to augment your chatbot’s abilities to better fit your business needs.

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