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Automate Student enrollment, Student Support, Campus Services, Teacher hiring and more.

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Co-Bot Model

Address Student concerns through a Human + Bot model. The bot handles initial queries that are then taken further by humans as the conversation gets complex.

Reduce Support costs

Automate FAQs and Student inquires reducing time needed from your customer service team and thus significantly reducing Team size.


Provide a multilingual experience to your students, Creating a chatbot that all students can use regardless of their native language.
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Streamline Student Onboarding

Answer the student questions 24/7, provide them with information related to the campus, facilities, scholarships and enrolment with the help of College Admission Bot. The college chatbot can be easily integrated with your CRM and students can be directly added to your recruitment process.

Automated Course Guide

Provide customized assistance to students for the courses offered by your institute. Instantly resolve student queries about course curriculum, subject credits, internship options, and duration etc.

Omnipresent Student Support

Be it your Website, Whatsapp number or Facebook page, provide 24/7 multilingual support to your students. Help students with their doubts, information about the campus, and facilities etc.

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