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Consumer behavior is evolving at a great pace and customers expect constant assistance around the clock. SMS bots can help businesses in meeting customer demands by providing information at their fingertips through automated messages or live chat.

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SMS bot


SMS bots have an array of applications, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Order related Notifications
  • Shipment Arrival/Pick-up details
  • Updates related to product delivery
  • Offers and Discounts
  • Nurturing Customer Relationships Through Texts

SMS bots work on your behalf to communicate with customers. Moreover, customers can get in touch with humans at any point in the conversation.

Why use SMS Bots?

Customers today need instant support and cannot wait around for information. Modern SMS bots can reach out to customers on a device that they love the most-smartphones, to solve their problems. Leveraging SMS helps in enhancing customer service and CRM potential at a very small cost without needing any manpower.

What You Can Expect With SMS Bots

  • Static Text Message
  • Menu Browsing
  • Live Replies via Slack or Mattermost

Human Takeover via Slack or Mattermost

Delight customers with engaging, always-online SMSbots that sound human. Human staff can take over chats anytime using the messengers you already use.

Features You Would Love

Hybrid.Chat has curated some cool features to help you enhance your customer support and automate lead generation.

Human + Bot Model

Address customer concerns through a Human + Bot model. The bot handles initial queries that are then taken further by humans as the conversation gets complex. Use simple spreadsheets to build a bot for your business.

Embed Widgets and Webpages

Simplify the user experience by embedding the required part of your website or third-party widgets easily into your chat flow. Give customers exactly what they need while chatting without making them scour through the website.

Integrate with 1000+ Softwares

Automate your workflow seamlessly by using Zapier and Webhooks to build software that communicates with other Apps. Easy integration helps you streamline business processes.

What you can do with

Designing Chatbots is easy using simple Google Spreadsheets
Human answers first or Chatbot – You decide
Read / Write any remote database
Customer Engagement - Schedule or trigger personalized reminders
Answer chats using professionally maintained messengers like Slack, Mattermost, SMS or Phone calls that work well on Android, iOS, Windows or Mac.
Improve customer acquisition - Ease leads generation & qualification.
Reduces churn - Provide high quality support, whenever the customer demands it. Increase customer satisfaction by effectively solving their issues.
Send captured data to any application using Webhooks or 1000+ applications using Zapier
Access API queries of any 3rd party application within Chatbot
Intent Recognition - The ability to “guess” at what the user means even if the phrase is unexpected.

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