Chatbot for Internet Service Providers (ISP)

Deliver customer service that is as speedy as your internet services!

Trusted by 3000+ companies


Welcome and assist customers in setting up their accounts. Provide Ommnichannel self-service.

Problem Resolution

Gather customer information and provide realtime network status updates with the help of Live chat or a customized chatbot.

Reduce OPEX Costs

Eliminate long call centre queues and replace agents with a chatbot that reduces FCR and improves quality of customer service.
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Accept Payments Digitally

Allow users to make payments directly in a chat, without transferring them to a website and repeating the payment information each time.

Omnipresent Support

The consumers can contact organization via App, Website, Facebook, WhatsApp & Phone Call. Knowledge disseminated should always be updated and consistent.

Eliminate the Language Barrier

Provide a multilingual experience and expand your reach with the help of a conversational chatbot.

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