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Embed HTML Widgets

You can embed external widgets within your website chat easily. Hybrid.Chat will load anything that can be loaded into an <iframe<. Maximum size supported for EmbedWidget is 350 px x 500 px.


ID Type Text Goto
2.1 EmbedWidget <iframe src=” URL comes here “></iframe> 4

Sometimes, what you load can need more than the 350 x 500 px space. In such cases, you can use a different EmbedWidget which loads the entire screen.

ID Type Text Goto
2.1 EmbedWidgetMaximize <iframe src=” URL comes here ” width=”100%” height=”500px”></iframe> 4

Expert Tip:
You can also pass variables into the widgets to make them look more intelligent and pre-populate all the information you already know. Some widgets support this quite well that you may want to use. See this section of this documentation for more details on variables.