Formatting Text Messages

“You can format the text messages using Markdown formatting

Bold and Italic

You can make text bold or italic.

*This text will be italic*
<i>This text will be italic</i>
**This text will be bold**
<b>This text will be bold</b>

Both bold and italic can use either a * or an _ around the text for styling. This allows you to combine both bold and italic if needed.

**Everyone _must_ attend the meeting at 5 o'clock today.**

You may also use normal HTML tags for bold and italic for any text.
<i>This text will be italic</i>
<b>This text will be bold</b>


With the option strikethrough enabled, Showdown supports strikethrough elements. The syntax is the same as GFM, that is, by adding two tilde (~~) characters around a word or groups of words.

a ~~strikethrough~~ element

a strikethrough element


Since version 1.8.0, showdown supports github’s emojis. A complete list of available emojis can be found here.

this is a :smile: smile emoji

this is a smile emoji

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