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Use chatbots to handle repetitive tasks and FAQs so your team can focus on core tasks. Configure bots to answer common questions 24/7 on your Website. The bot is equipped to deliver a great customer experience to your potential clients.

Innovative & Cost-Effective
Relationship Building

Generate and qualify more leads and book appointments with prospects. Bid adieu to age old contact forms and switch to chatbot (which is a powerful tool). It automatically qualifies leads and saves their data on your CRM.

Our Low-Code platform makes rapid prototyping & testing fast and easy

Leveraging Hybrid.Chat’s Features & Infrastructure, experience faster, effective & higher quality Conversational AI development. We focus on components unique to your Solution – let your ideas flow while we take care of the implementation!

5 Higher Education Institute Challenges: How University Chatbots can help 

5 Higher Education Institute Challenges: How University Chatbots can help 

In the AI era, the chatbot market is profoundly growing with increasing demand for smartphones as the usage of messaging apps has increased! In recent years, industries like food delivery business, E-commerce and finance have embraced the chatbot technology. One of...
Whatsapp chatbot & API

Feature Update: WhatsApp Chatbot and API

It's a new week and we are excited to introduce our new feature WhatsApp Chatbot and API! The Coronavirus pandemic has unleashed the importance of customer service automation more than ever before. It is indeed an appropriate time to scale your customer support...
Why You Should Opt for a Higher ed Chatbot During Covid-19

Why You Should Opt for a Higher ed Chatbot During Covid-19

A higher ed chatbot can be used to answer a lot of basic questions about the admission procedure during the pandemic so that the administrators can focus on more important tasks. While one can take the traditional route of helping students via admin staff, it is...
Feature update: New UI for seamless bot deployment

Feature update: New UI for seamless bot deployment

Hybrid.Chat is back with yet another exciting feature that will make deploying a bot incredibly easy! These new features are introduced during the times when a lot of businesses are forced to take their business online. Thanks to our features, they can very well do so...
Why Does Your Business Need a WhatsApp Chatbot?

Why Does Your Business Need a WhatsApp Chatbot?

WhatsApp has over 1.5 billion monthly active users in 180 countries and it has emerged as a pioneer in the messaging industry. Moreover, the app had around 96 million downloads in Feb 2020, which speaks volumes about its popularity. Although WhatsApp started as a...

Security, Control & Data Privacy

Chatbots will help you understand the needs of your customers. Choose short-answer questions, ratings, or surveys and get actionable customer feedback that will help your business grow.

See the possibilities

Sales & Marketing

Automate your Sales with AI for Natural conversations with your leads (email or chat), converting them into customers.

Ecommerce AI

Increase revenues by improving customer experience and automating data attribution, product descriptions and search.

Customer Interact

Automate 80% of your Chat / Email support & sales workload using a hybrid team of AI agents and Humans (or AI agents only) .

Have a Top-Notch Team

aligned with your Organizational Goals

Bring your Conversational AI Agent to Life

Leverage our years of experience bringing thousands of chatbots & conversational agents to production. With Hybrid.Chat you get faster, more cost-effective & higher quality Conversational Artificial Intelligence development.