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Everything you need to build, deploy, measure and refine your Chatbot with No-Code.

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Automatically engage visitors to capture more leads

Use Triggers to proactively engage visitors in every stage of the buyer’s journey and turn them into leads through automatic engagement and qualification. Personalize Welcome Messages to offer product recommendations and discounts.

Scroll triggers

Proactively display customized greetings to visitors based on the Scroll Depth.

Inactivity & Exit Intent

Engage visitors that are idle or are about to exit the website to decrease Bounce Rates.

Location-based targeting

Serve custoom Conversation Flow to user based on their Geographic Location.

Newcomers/returing visitors

Recognize new visitors and returning visitors to personalize conversation flow or greeting.

Traffic source targeting

Display bots based on specific traffic sources and URLs such as Facebook, and Google AdWords.

All the Tools you need…

A/B Split Tests

Auto-Qualify Leads

FAQs & Intent Recognition

Save Leads to Databases, CRMs

Fully Customizable Branding

Conversation Triggers

Send Emails & SMSes

No Code Chatbot Builder

O-Auth Integration

3d-party Integrations

Live Chat

Drive Leads into your Sales Funnels across Platforms

Use our out-of-the box platfrom integrations to connect with your visitors and customers on their favourite messenger platform. Diversify your Lead Generation by leveraging new Acquistion Channels.


Embed your Chatbot or Live Chat Widget on any Website easily using the Embed code.

WhatsApp Business

Go to a specific block based on people’s answers or calculation results under your conditions.

Artcile Embed

Embed your Chatbot on any Article to make the content more interactive.

Facebook Messenger

Use Chatbots for Facebook Messenger to enhance the experience of your Brand page.


Integrate your Twilio Phone Number with Hybride.Chat to send your prospects SMSes.

Enhance your
Ad Campaigns

Use Chatbots to get your prospects invested in the Lead Generation process and enhace your PPC Campaigns’ Interaction & Conversion rates. Get more ROI using Chatbots for Google & Facebook Ads.

PPC Landing page

Use Chatbots to make Landing pages more engaging and interactive.

Google Analytics Integration

Use Google Analytics to track the Chatbot’s Visits, Conversions and Engagement.

Conversation Analytics

Analyse where your Users are dropping off in the Conversation to optimize it.

Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Track Conversions through the Chatbot against total ad spend through Google Ads.

Facebook Pixel Conversion Tracking

Leverage Facebook Pixels to build Lookalike Audiences through Chatbots for Facebook Ads.

Integrate with your Marketing Automation Tools & More

Easily connect Hybrid.Chat with the Tools that you and your Team use everyday. Hybrid.Chat can be integrated with over 150 apps – from Marketing Automation tools to CRMs and NPS software.

CRM Integrations

Connect your Chatbot with ZohoCRM, Saleforce and Hubspot to store Leads.

Email integration

Send Notification Emails to your Team and the User from the Chatbot.


Connect chatbot to any API or platforms, even your own. Use data to personalize Conversations.

Zapier integration

Use Zaps to Automate your Marketing workflow and connect with apps.

Database Integration

Use any MySQL Database, Google Sheet, or Airtable to store and retrieve Data.

Get ahead of the curve
with our Templates

Ready-to-use Chatbot Templates for easy deployment and saving time.

Lead Generation

Automate lead generation and save your precious time.

Live Chat

Customers can request for Live Chat directly from your website.

Appointment Booking

Make Appointment booking easier with Hybrid Chat.

University Chatbot

Screen students for their dream university with a Chatbot!

Product FAQ Chatbot

Answer frequently asked questions with automated chat.

Restaurant Chatbot

Customers can seamlessly book a table with the Chatbot.

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