Feature Update: WhatsApp Chatbot and API


It’s a new week and we are excited to introduce our new feature WhatsApp Chatbot and API! The Coronavirus pandemic has unleashed the importance of customer service automation more than ever before. It is indeed an appropriate time to scale your customer support automation when everything is going online! With the same idea, we have launched a WhatsApp chatbot and API which can handle millions of queries 24/7 on your behalf. 

You heard that right! No longer spending hours going through a heap of messages and replying manually to them. A WhatsApp chatbot makes sure that each message is responded to automatically thus improving the response time and tackling more questions at once. 

Now you may wonder why WhatsApp? But it stands to reason that WhatsApp is widely used and seamlessly integrated into our lives. Add chatbot to that equation, and your customers are simply going to love it!

Needless to say, WhatsApp does offer a staggering reach. In fact, in Feb 2020 WhatsApp has crossed the 2 billion users threshold thus making it a market leader in the instant messaging space.

P.S: If you would love to learn more about WhatsApp chatbots you can read this article or sign up for a quick demo.

You can either use WhatsApp APIs from Twilio or use our In-house App (It’s a secret between us, deal?) to start generating leads, providing customer support, and much more.

Easy peasy isn’t it?


Whatsapp setup guide

Setting up a Whatsapp bot is super easy using HybridChat. Go from zero to hundred in a second with pre-built chatbots templates ready to connect and engage with your customers. Leverage multilingual chatbots that can be deployed on your WhatsApp. HybridChat offers two ways to start with a WhatsApp bot.

  1. Twilio (Our Official Partner)
  2. Whatsapp Desktop Connector (In-house API)

While both are great options, Whatsapp Desktop Connector wins the race since Twilio takes 7-8 days to verify your number and in some cases it doesn’t generate numbers with your country codes. Whatsapp Desktop Connector can save your time and can be leveraged to start supporting your customers from day 1 using your own number.

Can’t wait to get started with the WhatsApp chatbot? Connect with us today!



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