Feature Update: Canned Responses & Flow Redirection


As you scale your business (and consequently scale your Customer Support also), your Live Chat agents could find themselves writing the same responses over and over again. Your customers could be asking the same questions repeatedly leading to an emergence of a standardised set of replies that you’d want (need) to equip your Live Chat Agents with. 

Canned Responses

If you have missed the previous feature update, click here.

With the Canned Responses/GOTO update you can do exactly this and more:

Save responses for the most commonly asked questions that your customers are asking and make them conveniently available to your Agents. 

Handle the conversation back to the bot after resolving the customer’s issue.

Step in when required or redirect the flow of the bot’s conversation as needed.


Using Canned Responses will help your Organisation do the following: 


  1. Improve Customer Experience: Did you know that 86% of buyers prefer paying more for a better customer experience? Canned responses help you provide a smooth customer experience. 
  2. Make CS your Differentiator: Two-thirds of companies will now compete primarily on the basis of customer experience. 
  3. Save Time and Be More Efficient: Instead of typing the same message over and over again, you simply have to select from the canned response, thus saving your time and improving overall efficiency. 
  4. Decrease the Chance of Errors: Typing out a response manually can be daunting and it also comes with a possibility of being erroneous.  With a canned response, you can confidently choose the message knowing that the right response will be delivered. 
  5. Bridge the Knowledge Gap for New Agents: Many a time, a new agent might not know everything about your business. The canned responses help such agents learn about your offerings while assisting customers at the same time. 
  6. Scale up your Customer Support: Canned responses allow you to handle multiple requests simultaneously and help you scale your customer support. 
  7. Delight Customers through Personalisation: The combination of various widgets available especially the User Input Widgets, and Canned Responses make it super easy to setup personalised responses. 

Can’t wait to try out the new feature for your business chatbot?  

🚀 Check out the Documentation to incorporate Canned Responses + GOTO in your Hybrid.Chat Chatbots, here 🚀

Want to build the perfect Conversational Experience for your customers? Start building your own Chatbot, here. Or check out some live chatbots, here 😉. 


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