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Gen Z is web-savvy and craves a personal and immediate platform compared to the conventional tech. Content producers have to rethink their strategy based on this preference if they want their business to thrive. With a rise of chat fiction books, we have introduced the all-new “Story Mode”. Inspired by “Don’t make me think” and “Hooked”, it delivers information in parts and in an unpredictable way (thus, keeping your readers on their toes).  Story-bots is a revolutionary way of telling stories through conversations. In essence, when it comes to driving engagement and building habits, the Story Mode brings forth the crux of a book/novel in an easy to process way, compared to the lengthy traditional texts. 

Take a glance at how it works?

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Why is Chat Fiction Effective?

  • With the decreasing attention span of readers, huge chunks of text fail to engage them. Story Mode unleashes the text only when users tap on the interface. This makes the readers feel less overwhelmed with information.
  • You can generate interest among readers by depicting the synopsis of the book conversationally. At the end of the synopsis, you can give them the option of buying the book, browsing similar books, and so on.
  • Story Mode adds a human touch by leveraging the interactive aspect of the chatbot. Readers feel as if a real person is narrating the summary of a book. Which improves the reader engagement and keeps them hooked to your story 😉
  • Story Mode makes the most of what people love to do (i.e. Texting). Every message releases dopamine (the happiness hormone) which your business can leverage. P.S: Even Messenger vouches by this concept.     
  • It eliminates the tedious and boring process of reading a book by reeling in the readers through conversations.
  • This layer of engagement helps users in purchasing a conversation rather than purchasing a course/novel.

Converting books into Story Mode will make the reading experience more enjoyable and effective. Regardless of the genre of your book, the Story Mode Bot can help you craft educational and entertaining content that beats the monotonous and verbose book style.  Readers can now consume content in a modern and impactful way through Story Mode. Try it!


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