More Natural Chat Flows with Multivariate Test Feature


We are proud to announce our Multivariate Test Feature. It enables you to find out the preferred words and style of communication of your target audience through A/B testing.

If you have missed the previous feature update, click here.

 How does Multivariate Test work?

You can now add alternative text in dialogues or buttons to be displayed in the chat flows. The user then selects the word that aligns best with the given conversation. Moreover, this helps you understand which words help in improving engagement and increasing conversions.

Make Conversations more Intuitive: Testing which words work the best helps you identify what resonates with the customers. In doing so you can easily make the chat flow seem more relatable and rather natural, unlike the generic sales conversations.

Conversational Marketers can test their Chat Flow: With our latest feature, you can test what chat flow yields the best results in terms of responses and engagement. 

Our one of its kind feature helps users in making their chat flows more effective and natural. 

Use the Multivariate Test feature in understanding what the customer needs, to create accurate flows that can capture the leads faster.

We hope you enjoy our new feature as much as we loved building it!

Get in touch with us if you need any help in implementing this feature. Or, you can begin building a chatbot here. 🤟









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