Multi-Select Feature for Intuitive User Experience


We are back with an awesome feature to make your life simpler: Multi-Select Checkboxes!

Hybrid.Chat is thrilled to introduce Multi-Select Checkboxes that are simple and intuitive. With this new feature, you can now allow the user to make multiple selections with a single click and see all the options they’ve chosen.  

If you have missed the previous feature update then click here.

Selecting an option from a long list can be overwhelming for the users. This makes any question with more than three choices, difficult to respond to. 

With the new feature, users can easily select multiple options from a given list, thus making the conversations faster. 

Multi-Select Demo Gif


Benefits of Multi-Select Checkboxes:

  • Faster Processing Time: Users can select what they want in one go without the arduous back and forth texting, and save a lot of time. 
  • No Room for Subjectivity: When the options are listed clearly, users can simply choose the necessary answers with no ambiguity whatsoever. 
  • Gather More Details: You can leverage the Multi-Select feature to ask more questions than you usually would. It takes less time to complete a multiple-choice question as opposed to an open-ended one. 
  • Improve User Experience: Instead of typing long sentences with different options, users can simply pick the answers from the list given by you. This makes the conversations hassle-free and precise. 

Be it feedback, a quick survey or an important questionnaire, you can execute it all with our newly launched feature. 

To learn how, take a look at the documentation here

Cheers! Let’s make customer delight a priority, one conversation a time!


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