Emoji Feature for Enriching Conversations


Hybrid Chat now lets you speak with ‘more’ than just words. With this new feature, you can easily include emojis in your chatbot responses. Using emojis in chatbots can help enrich the conversational experience for your customers. 

People love to use emojis. The fact that people send over 8 Billion emojis every day is a testament to its popularity. Moreover, they get similar reactions to in-person communication and can trigger emotions and feelings. 




With the new feature, you can now use emojis in your chatbot conversational flows.

If you have missed the previous feature update, click here.


Some Benefits of Using Emojis in Chatbots:


  1. Boost Customer Engagement: 92% of online consumers use emojis while sending messages which means that your customer engagement can skyrocket if you incorporate emojis in chatbots.
  1. Increase Conversion Rates: With an increased engagement you are more likely to rev up your conversion rates.  Additionally, the power of emojis can be used in every stage of the sales funnel!
  1. Outperform Images: As per a study conducted by Canvas, emojis are powerful and also outperform the regular images by 9%. There are various options to choose from and it is about time to leverage this trend. 
  1. Connect with Millennials, Generation Z: 36% of millennials prefer using visual expressions like emojis and GIFs to convey their thoughts and feelings, according to a 2017 survey by Harris Poll. 
  1. Alleviate Cognitive Overload: A chunk of text could be too much to process at once and emojis help in reducing this cognitive overload. Users can understand the information better when emojis are used along with the text. 

Enrich your customer service with our latest feature and relish the various benefits of using them. 


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