6 Reasons You Need Chatbots For PPC Campaigns


Chatbots have become the next big thing in the digital marketplace. The reason is quite simple and straightforward – By 2020, 85% of the business-to-customer interaction will take place without human-to-human contact. This study by Gartner predicts the future of Digital Marketing Campaigns and how they can optimize conversion rates and increase the RoI of such campaigns multifold. In this article, we will go over the benefits of having chatbots for PPC campaigns. 

Chatbots for PPC Campaigns:

The digital marketplace holds dominance against other sources of media to boost brand visibility. Keeping updated with the latest can help brands earn the right return of investment of their digital spend. The new technology is changing the face of the business to consumer interaction and calling for large scale adoption to scale digital campaigns and boost user experience.

There are many benefits that the new NPL-based technology carries with itself. Be it increasing brand engagement to being 24*7 assistants just like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa. The chatbot can be your brand’s personalized assistant to your prospects, who engages them in the most out of the box manner.

PPC campaigns traditionally use a customized landing page, which contains all the deliverables that such an ad’s claim. But, what if users get all the information they need through a digital assistant that’s fun to chat? Also, with an added advantage to avoid scrolling through the entire web page looking for desired information?

As per stats, 60% of online U.S. citizens use online messaging, voice, or video chat services. Additionally, 55% of users say they find instant responses as the key USP of chatbots.

There are many benefits of using chatbots for PPC Campaigns. Some of them are:

1. Make Landing Pages Interactive

Traditional landing pages are pretty static and usually require users to read a testimonial or fill out a form. Let’s be honest: filling out a form is the last thing that a customer or a new lead would like doing. It is because of the hype that platforms like Instagram have created that users want to be engaged the second they land on any web page. Long gone are the days when users had the patience or the time to get indulged in such time and effort consuming tasks.

Make Landing Pages More Interactive Hybrid.Chat

This is where the embedded chatbot on your PPC landing page does its magic. As soon as the user lands on the web page, the chatbot establishes an interaction and stream of back-and-forth messages. Therefore, they deliver information ready for consumption and as per the requirement of the users. They can always cut to the chase and directly ask for the information they need. As per stats, 31% of users feel frustrated for not getting answers to simple questions.


2. Adopt the Mobile-first Approach


Mobile searches these days dominate the total search lot. In fact, 51% of users discover a new business or product through a mobile search. Indeed, mobile phones are more accessible and always in the hands of users. But traditionally, PPC landing pages contain a form that, when accessed by a mobile phone, fully covers the screen and is not optimized for mobile searches. The reason for such mishap is that such landing pages are designed for laptops or desktops and are not responsive to mobile access.

This is where chatbots for PPC campaigns come as a savior. The chatbots are built first and foremost for mobile screens. So rather than attaching a conventional, old, annoying form to your PPC landing page, you can embed a chatbot that engages the user and gets you the desired information. Moreover, chatbots are a more effective way to engage your audience because of the advent of platforms like Whatsapp; users are already adaptive to mobile chats.


3. Boost Usability of Landing Pages


Usability is the next big thing that sets a brand apart from the rest. Organizations like Google rank websites based on their usability and quality of content. The reason is that user experience is supreme in leveraging the best out of marketing campaigns.

Most of the landing pages have the same template but contain different elements to be distinctive for the users. Such differences include changes in color, element placement, and branding, etc. In short, the look of all landing pages is different, which requires users to engage the same amount of time and effort to understand the information. 

Boosting usability means making the landing page more relatable to the users. As discussed above, platforms like Whatsapp and Messenger have become the next go-to app for all age groups. This implies that having chatbots for a PPC campaign will increase usability as the user would know precisely what they have to do when they see a chat interface.


4. Optimize Conversion Rate


As per studies, consumers open up more quickly when they know they are interacting with a bot and not a human. Chatbots for PPC campaigns are useful because they boost user engagement, are mobile-responsive, and optimize the user experience. All this, in addition to the consumer’s comfort to interact, leads to a lower bounce rate, higher conversion rate, and a lower cost per lead. What’s a bigger gala for a Pay Per Click campaign than a lower lead cost? Therefore, chatbots also contribute to increasing your returns and decreasing business costs.


5. Communicate the Right Brand Message Consistently


The most significant benefit of having chatbots for PPC campaigns is that they can be trained and personalized as per the requirement of the brand. Human agents usually need training, and since all human minds are different, all communicate the brand message as per their tonality and understanding.

When it comes to leads, brands have to be acutely sensitive about what message their campaign delivers and, more importantly, how. Chatbots in this aspect is more preferred because the brand language and message remain the same throughout and can be better monitored and controlled.


6. Qualify Leads Automatically


Chatbots engage users in conversations. By the very nature of conversations, they stand to gather a lot of information from visitors. Using questions, chatbots can ask visitors about themselves, or their needs. Based on the answers, chatbots can qualify potential leads for you. For instance, they can be set up to hand over the conversation to human agents if they respond to a particular question positively, thereby increasing their likelihood of converting. 


Wrap Up

Adopting a chatbot for a PPC campaign can enable brands to redefine the way they engage hot leads. It is up to these brands to understand if they want to cater to static, single-ended information to their prospects or engage them through an interactive landing page.

The latest tech-trend can help businesses scale by boosting their PPC campaigns through unparalleled consumer interaction. With the adoption of this NPL-based and in cases AI-powered chatbots, brands can have better control on their PPC campaigns and extract the best return on the same.


To sum it up: 

  1. Chatbots make landing pages interactive
  2. Chatbots are mobile-friendly
  3. They can boost the user experience of your PPC landing pages.
  4. Conversion Rates of landing pages that have a chatbot are significantly better than traditional ones.
  5. Chatbots represent the brands consistently
  6. Chatbots can automatically qualify leads.


To get started with creating a chatbot for your PPC landing pages using Hybrid.Chat, here. Or, you can check out the conversational experience offered by such a chatbot, here.


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