Chatbots can now Read / Write into any Google Spreadsheet – New Feature launch


Your Chatbots at Hybrid.Chat can now connect to any SQL Database or Google Spreadsheet and perform Read / Write commands, making them much more powerful and interact with your other IT systems easily.

Reading / Writing into a Spreadsheet:
This can be the same spreadsheet in which you built your chatbot, or can be another spreadsheet online where you keep your data or have Spreadsheet plugins installed that regularly feed the data into it. You can read about

Sample Usecase:
Connect your spreadsheet with Google Analytics Plugin and get your chatbot to relay weekly, monthly traffic numbers based upon calculations that you can only do in your Google Spreadsheets and not in Google Analytics. Here is a guide by Moz on how to use this underutilized plugin to sharpen up your Digital Marketing efforts.

Read more about loading data from spreadsheet using LoadData query in the documentation.

A sample Chatbot that uses the feature above can be seen below:

As always, we would be more than happy to create a chatbot for you like the one above. Just connect with us.


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