Education Consultancy chatbot

A chatbot that helps you delegate the redundant task of initial student assessment. Let the bot handle the mundane process of gauging student goals so that you can focus on helping them achieve it.
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Do you get a lot of student inquiries that are difficult to handle? Would you like to analyze their preferred courses before helping them find the right university? Hybrid.Chat is here to help you do just that!

  • Identify Student Interests: Let the bot find out what type of course and which university a student is aiming for. You can take it further from there to guide them through the application process.
  • Save the time spent on initial assessment: It could be quite daunting to ask every student the same questions. A chatbot can automate the initial process of questioning thus saving your precious time.
  • Gather student information: You can use a bot to collect useful student information such as their name, contact number and so on.


  • Easy to install chat on WordPress (just copy paste code in plugin settings)
  • Integrates with Website, Facebook or Business Phone (SMS).
  •  Answer chats using professionally maintained messengers like Slack, Mattermost, SMS or Phone calls that work well on Android, iOS, Windows or Mac.
  • Click to Call or Click to SMS inbuilt, powered by Twilio
  • Unlimited Agents, Unlimited Conversations, Unlimited contacts.
  • Chatbots answer chats 24×7 and capture leads and customer tickets.
  • Designing Chatbots is easy using simple Google SpreadsheetsHuman answers first or Chatbot – You decide
  • Send captured data to any application using Webhooks or 1000+ applications using Zapier.
  • Integration with Zendesk, HubSpot, SalesForce, MailChimp, GetResponse, and many more
  • Read/Write any remote database
  • Access API queries of any 3rd party application within Chatbot
  • comprehensive technical support 24/7
  • A great free plan available

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Pricing Plans  14-day free trial



  • 100 Conversation per month
  • 1 Chatbot
  • LiveChat Concurrency – 1


  • 1000 Conversation per month
  • 1 Chatbot
  • LiveChat Concurrency – 2
  • Deploy Anywhere


  • 10,000 Conversation per month
  • 1 Chatbot
  • Unlimited Concurrent Live Chats
  • O-Auth and Regex functionality

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