The Flow Control Section

Conversation Flow is a visual representation of all the actions the bot or widget is expected to perform in order to complete a Task it is trying to implement. For example, in Lead Generation, the bot or widget is expected to ask the user a series of questions to gather all the information before it stores the data or qualifies the lead.

Using the Conversation Flow you can define the order of the questions or Tasks and the Bot or Widget will ask or perform them in the order you have defined. It is recommended that you organise the questions or tasks into logical groups to keep the Flow centralised while still being focused on guiding the conversation. This also makes making edits to the Flow easier.

For example, you may design one module to contain the logic that helps the user browse for products and a separate module to contain the logic that helps the user create a new order.

In Hybrid.Chat Flow is achieved through the blocks in the Flow Control Category


A. Block: This block can be used to add another element or dialogue in the chat flow. Without it, the engine won't consider the specific part of the script in the chat flow.

B. Goto: This block connects and makes the flow of the script streamlined. Let's say after you greet your clients you want to know their name, you can add this block at the end of welcome block and route the chat flow to name question block.

C. Condition: This block comes in handy when you want to route the chat flow based on user choice. For example, after you're done with basic questions like name and email Id you want to know if they want to sign up for the newsletter or not. You can then route yes and no into different flows.

D. Variable: Use this block when you want to call specific variables later in the flow like name or any other value the user has entered. For example, at the end of the chat flow, you want to give personalised touch by saying Good Bye {first_name}.

E. Calculate: This block is useful in a variety of bots like tax calculation, age calculation, or simple calculator bot. You can also use this block to confirm if the guests who are checking in your resort are 18+ or not.

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