Bringing Humans & Fallback

The Human Takeover block allows your agents to take over the conversation and handle it personally resulting in better conversions and trust.

Once the Human Takeover block is triggered anyone from your team can takeover the chat from bot on either Slack or Mattermost.

Human takeover can be handled using either

  1. Slack, or
  2. Mattermost

Using the Block

To implement Human Takeovers, all you need is the GOTO Block or any other block that has GOTO in it.

Simply set the GOTO field to HUMAN in the Conversation Flow where the bot or widget is expected to bring in Humans.

To implement Human Takeover using a Button as a Trigger, you need to add a Button Block and Set "Human" in GOTO part of the same button block.


Here is an implementation of a Live Chat widget using the Goto Block. Here the flow greets the user and initiates the Human Takeover immediately by sending an incoming chat request to either Slack or Mattermost.


It will wait for 90 seconds for a human to respond. If not then it will continue the flow from the ID specified in the Goto column.

If the human agent responds in the meantime then the bot will stop the flow and the human agent will complete the conversation.

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