Hybrid.Chat Documentation

Welcome to Hybrid.Chat! We offer an online web service for building and deploying chatbots and live chat widgets.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot (or bot) is a conversational software program designed to chat with humans via voice or text.

What is a Live Chat Widget?

Live Chat widgets let you interact with your website visitors to turn them into leads or provide direct assistance to your customers in their buying journey.

Chatbots and Live Chat Widgets can be deployed on a variety of popular messaging platforms. The use cases are virtually endless, for instance:

  • Automating lead generation and common customer service queries,
  • Providing touch points along the customer journey,
  • Optimizing internal IT processes,
  • Learning applications like language and enterprise soft skills, games, toys, entertainment, and more.

Our goal is to provide the tools you need to let your imagination and your bots run wild! We also provide Professional Services including custom chatbot development for top global brands and larger enterprises.

In this documentation, you will find all the resources you need to build your Chatbot or Live Chat Widget.

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