Transform your guest experience with our multi-channel conversational AI solution

– Provide multichannel conversational interfaces to your guests( Whatsapp, Email, Web, Phone) to connect with your staff for bookings, room service, FAQs
– Shared inbox to your Staff to handle customer conversations happening across channels from one place

Happier guests through automated service and excellent customer support

Create your knowledgebase to handle customer queries of customers
Human answers first or Chatbot – You decide
Automate tasks by directly communicating with your database
Customer Engagement - Schedule or trigger personalized reminders. Run campaigns
Answer chats using professionally maintained channels like Whatsapp, Email, Instagram
Upsell your hotel services such as tourism plans, extend room
Responsiveness and 24*7 availabilities for guests
Send captured data to any application using Webhooks or 1000+ applications using Zapier
Access API queries of any 3rd party application within Chatbot
Intent Recognition - The ability to “guess” at what the user means even if the phrase is unexpected.

Faster way to help your customers

Human agents and tailored chatbots interact with website visitors
via messengers your team already uses and LOVE!

Works with the messengers you already use!

It is hard to keep up with all those messengers, and then there is another one for website chat only. Hybrid.Chat eliminates that since it supports the messengers you already use.

Messengers supported:
2. Email
3. Voice
4. Instagram
5. Web
6. SMS
7. Your custom channel

It’s super-easy to deploy

Deploying a Site chat widget / chatbot is as easy as 1-2-3.


Building a site chat widget / chatbot is easy.  If you need help with this part, Connect with us.


Next, Connect to your favorite messenger which you already use. Select from a variety of channels we already support (an ever growing list), and establish connection.


Paste the widget code generated in the footer of your website or using Google Tag Manager and you are good to go. If you need help with this part, Connect with us.

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