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People Want to Shop with Messenger Apps

People aren’t just using messenger apps to chat with friends — they’re also excited about shopping with brands’ bots.

  • 47% of users are open to purchasing items through a bot.
  • 71% of users are willing to receive customer service through a messaging app.
  • On average, users are willing to spend more than $55 on chatbot purchases.

These high figures show that a large chunk of buyers trust chatbots as a way to interact with businesses and are only expected to grow.

More Businesses Are Using Bots

Data shows that merchants are embracing bots.

  • The global chatbot market is expected to reach $1.23 billion by 2025 with a compounding annual growth rate of 24.3%, according to a Grand View Research report.
  • 80% of businesses said that they already use chatbots or plan to use them by 2020, in a recent Oracle survey.
  • 48% of businesses are already using automation technology, according to the same Oracle survey.
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