How Legal Chatbots Can Help You Generate More Profit for Your Law Firm


According to studies, the majority of legal companies wish to rev up their revenue and business efficiency. Well, who doesn’t? Law firms often expect their employees to generate more revenue. But, a lot of companies admit that billing more hours is not a priority for them. In the quest for increasing revenue, lawyers end up working more than they should. Legal chatbots can be a great help in this regard. 

77% of the lawyers say that they worked after hours because of not being able to finish their tasks during the day. And close to 50% of the lawyers overwork as they wish to be available to the clients. 

Do you also agree that the routine tasks take a lot of your time? Although a lot of firms think that hiring more people can solve this problem, the truth is that most of them wish to reduce the costs. So, how can a legal industry then increase income while still spending less? Legal chatbots could be a great option! Let us understand what a legal advice chatbot is to begin with. 

What are legal chatbots?

Chatbots are quite a buzz these days with its sophisticated development and usage. Bots help machines to interact with humans on a website or a mobile application. Using natural language processing (NLP), it answers the common questions asked by customers. Legal chatbots can rev up the lawyer’s speed and increase their bandwidth as it reduces the time which is spent on repetitive tasks. Although these are just a few things that are possible with the help of a chatbot, the applications are endless! Let us find out more such uses of legal chatbots. 

Easy Access to Information 

Lawyers and paralegals have to deal with a lot of information daily. This information is in the form of case studies, various laws, policies, the contact information of clients, and the like. While interacting with the customers, lawyers have to present a lot of information every single time. This can be both tedious and time consuming for the lawyers. A hassle-free and better solution is to use a chatbot! 

A chatbot handles multiple customer requests at the same time and helps customers with their problems. It analyses documents, processes it, and responds accordingly. The chatbot also has a Q&A interface that has all the answers fed into the bot. The moment a client asks a question, the chatbot answers it automatically. The chatbot legal tech makes it possible to provide a brilliant customer service. 

Onboarding and Employee Management 

Any organization has various administrative as well as HR-related tasks to be taken care of and a law firm is no exception! A chatbot can thus help a lot in the onboarding and employee management process. Employees don’t have to reach out to the HR department constantly for minor issues. Legal chatbots can be handy in leave application management, setting up reminders, and smoothening the onboarding process.

Employees can simply type in their questions into the bot and it will automatically answer them all. The workload of the HR team exponentially reduces when most of the tasks are handled by the chatbot. Even the onboarding process is streamlined as the bot screens candidates and collects their primary information. With such impressive applications, the use of chatbots in the legal industry is becoming more popular. 

Generate Legal Documents

We all know how time taking it is to produce legal documents. But what if I told you that a chatbot can make the process simpler? Yes, you read that right! A bot can gather all the necessary details from the customers and create their document within minutes. During the document creation process, a chatbot can provide legal assistance and answer any questions that the customers might have along the way. It is a faster solution and makes your customers happy too! Moreover, they don’t have to wait for hours to get the document they need. Whenever the customer needs any assistance they can always connect with an agent thanks to the Human + Bot model of the chatbot!

Automate Lead Qualification 

While talking to a prospect, a chatbot qualifies the lead via simple conversations to gather useful information on your behalf. Instead of filling out unappealing forms, people prefer asking questions that will get a response quickly. Knowing that support is right around the corner is very reassuring as well. Thus, customers connect well with the bot and the bot gets to qualify the leads! 

If not for the legal chatbots, lawyers would have to assess every prospect and find out whether they will be suited for lead nurturing. Talking to the prospects and finding it out can indeed be very tedious. When the process of lead qualification is optimized, lawyers can focus on other important tasks. Moreover, the efficiency of their work will increase and all mundane and repetitive tasks will be automated. 

Exceptional User Experience 

As mentioned before, lawyers deal with a lot of information daily. Fetching the right information within a short span can be very challenging when there is a lot of paperwork to go through. A chatbot can be your tool to interact with customers and collect the right information at the right time. The interactive interface of the chatbot cutbacks on the chunk of information which can be very irrelevant. With a chatbot, it all boils down to the one question asked at the moment. This way customers get answers in a hassle-free manner. Hence, legal chatbots can serve more people at one time. 

Final Take 

Legal chatbots can do wonders for you when implemented right. It has a variety of advantages right from sharing timely information to fetching accurate data. The bot qualifies the leads for you and helps with employee onboarding and management as well. You get to handle multiple requests at the same time thus increasing sales and overall profit. Legal bots are still a new premise and adapting them can give your business a competitive advantage. 

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