Multispeciality Clinic Bot

Chatbot that helps you handle overwhelming appointment requests. Delegate the daunting task of booking an appointment to the Hybrid.Chat bot.

Are you looking for a simpler way of handling appointment requests? Would you rather give this task to a bot and free your time? Then Hybrid.Chat bot is the perfect solution for you!

  • Hassle-free appointments: Make appointment bookings simpler than ever. Automate the tedious process of managing requests.
  • Identify the concern: The bot does the groundwork for you by understanding the concerns of your patients. This helps in mapping them to the right doctor.
  • Save time: Both the clinic staff as well as the patients end up saving their time as the appointment is scheduled within minutes.


  • Easy to install chat on WordPress (just copy paste code in plugin settings)
  • Integrates with Website, Facebook or Business Phone (SMS).
  •  Answer chats using professionally maintained messengers like Slack, Mattermost, SMS or Phone calls that work well on Android, iOS, Windows or Mac.
  • Click to Call or Click to SMS inbuilt, powered by Twilio
  • Unlimited Agents, Unlimited Conversations, Unlimited contacts.
  • Chatbots answer chats 24×7 and capture leads and customer tickets.
  • Designing Chatbots is easy using simple Google SpreadsheetsHuman answers first or Chatbot – You decide
  • Send captured data to any application using Webhooks or 1000+ applications using Zapier.
  • Integration with Zendesk, HubSpot, SalesForce, MailChimp, GetResponse, and many more
  • Read/Write any remote database
  • Access API queries of any 3rd party application within Chatbot
  • comprehensive technical support 24/7
  • A great free plan available

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January 31, 2020



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